Simontornya, Tolna, Hungary
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Wine Region Simontornya, Tolna

Peace, Space and Nostalgia between the grape vines

Simontornya, Tolna, Hungary

Centrally located between Budapest, Pécs and Lake Balaton. Ideal as a camper base or just for rustic safe rural living

On fantastic mountainous plots, in the middle of the grape vines and with breathtaking views, we continue the tradition of centuries-old Hungarian wine cellar building and
innovate with our latest ground house techniques to create indestructible and protective ground houses.
The homes can be supplied in various sizes and equipped with all modern conveniences.
Reinforced concrete in combination with earth covering guarantee optimal protection against
all external influences, provide geothermal natural climate control and will integrate
beautiful in the existing landscape.
The panoramic glass facades with lots of light and ultimate views are good for your health and…
keep you happy all day long!

Our Process

Make it easy for yourself

Buying a piece of land is not that difficult, but finding your dream spot where you can build your dream house integrated with the landscape and within the possibilities of the (cultural) customs of the region is a different story. Why make things difficult? This is our job and for only a small fee we take care of the complete process from A to Z

Your Imagination

Interior Design

We have countless options available in the field of layout and interior design, your taste and wishes are assured

Planning & Development


Within our Hungarian network we work with experienced, decisive and multilingual professionals. From architect, builder to real estate lawyer, we work with you through the correct sequence to complete the job

Best Solutions

Project Management

We are very creative, flexible and resourceful and will always find the fastest and most efficient way for you


We will find you a dream spot!


Let´s get in touch

Leave your wishes here and we will soon send you a tailor-made information package

    By Geert & Mec

    Unique solutions for your home through a personalized process.

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