Your healthy Ground(ing)House

Health Benefits of Grounding

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Your health-improving groundhouse

The walls and vaulted ceilings of your groundhouse are covered with earth and we can adjust our prefab modules in such a way that you and your family can optimally discharge/charge the positive and negative electrons without having to think about it. In these times of an abundance of electrical devices, this is not an unnecessary luxury. Our body is constantly charged by using these devices (do you ever get a shock?) and that is anything but healthy. Some people are even said to be charged up to 20 volts (!).

According to science, we need grounding as much as we need air and sunlight! Here are some of the health benefits of grounding:

Improving heart health, Earthing improves mood, Boost immunity, Improves sleep, Improve circulation, Reduce inflammation, Decreases pain, Decreases fatigue and tiredness, Improves cortisol rhythm, Decreases stress response, Anxiety and depression, Enhances energy levels, Stabilizes circadian, Addresses hypertension

Health Benefits Grounding

Significant reduction in inflammation

Grounding Interior Advice

Sleep healthily, peacefully and safely in a groundhouse

The ground not only guarantees a healthy and stable indoor climate, protection against all external disasters and a quiet, low-noise environment, but it can also free you from the abundance of daily unhealthy electromagnetic radiation!

Mec has specialized in this subject and is our grounding interior advisor. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you are interested!

“Grounding” furnished and designed by Mec

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