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Do you own land in wine, mountain or dune areas? Then imagine how our ground houses would fit perfectly into the landscape. Start your panoramic wine, mountain or seaside hotel today and have a good life!


Secret Storage Solution

For everything that is valuable!

Activate smartlift
Lifestyle and life cycle-proof

Loft | Safe Haven

Do you live a free and luxurious lifestyle with many changes? With this (double) loft there is always an application. Perhaps you will initially use the Loft as a holiday home, including safe storage for your boat, camper, oldtimer or sports car. You might as well start an art gallery or B&B afterwards. The possibilities for this customizable loft are endless!

Double Loft | Safe Haven

Natural Protection Meets Elegant Design

Jetset life

Stylish and safe garage for your boat, camper or sports car or use it as a fancy party room


Vaulted ceilings and panoramic windows will keep you happy all day long

Single-storey bungalows

Bungalow | Safe Haven

Do you like mountainous environments that give you that protective feeling? Do you like nostalgic wine and mountain houses with beautiful views? Then our ground bungalows are exactly what you are looking for. We have a suitable solution for every wish or dream!

About Us

We build you a Safe Haven!

With our flexible and modular ground house technology we have a solution for every idea, dream or budget.

Your GroundHouse

Your Safe, Healthy and Eco Friendly House

  1. A house made of reinforced concrete and covered in topsoil needs no extra care, is low in radiation and noise, protects you against all external disasters like storm, hail, gunfire, earthquakes, riots and is quaranteed to last many generation
  2. The house promotes biodiversity and, thanks to its earth covering, it gives more back to the earth than it takes. It improves air quality, provides new habitat for animals and helps to store water and bind CO2.
  3. Vaulted ceilings combined with panoramic windows provide a spacious effect with lots of light so you feel great all day long!

Your GroundHouse

Your Landscape And Nature Integrated Energy-Saving House

  1. By insulating the building with biobased-foam and topsoil we achieve an almost net zero energy solution, a stable investment that keeps energy costs low and is fully integrated with the landscape and nature.
  2. The building has a subterranean or geothermal ventilation system and to guarantee a stable temperature, level of humidity and ventilation the building uses the passive energy of the ground.
  3. Vaulted ceilings guarantee great air circulation, warm in winter, cool in summer!

Your GroundHouse

Your Modular, Flexibel And Easy Expandable House

  1. Using only five modules you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m2 up to hundreds of square meters. Add ons such as bomb shelters, wine and food cellars, saunas, secret storages, garages, smartlifts, meditation rooms, extra bed/bath rooms, everything is possible
  2. Windows and facades can be installed according to your needs, we have possibilities for casco, partly casco or turnkey delivery of the house. There is also an option to design the interior for you
  3. Prefab delivery within 2 months, installation on site in just one day. If a foundation is needed, we will take care of this for you


From prefab to construction site

Current projects

Wine House, Wine Hotel, Wine B&B and Ground House, Hungary

Hungary is still a fairly new wine country, but make no mistake, Hungary has delicious wines. That is why wine tours to and in Hungary are increasingly popular. Discover beautiful nature combined with delicious local dishes, wines and culture. Hungary has more than 20 wine regions and the Tokaj wine region is even listed by UNESCO.

This is why GroundHouse Europe advises investors and people who want to build a new life in Hungary to invest in a wine hotel or wine B&B in the most interesting areas and be part of the Hungary Wine Route.

GroundHouse Europe can help you with this and has developed a unique concept including construction of an impressive and suitable ground hotel/B&B located on this wine route and, if desired, future promotion/management via WineHotel.Hu / WineHotel.EU. All this is possible from the price of a modern house and with excellent ROI expectations! For more information contact us today.

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